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While many Coloradans are focused on the booming oil and gas industries or the controversial hydraulic fracturing, Stanford University’s Precourt Center saw potential to bring together a wealth of energy knowledge at the Vail Global Energy Forum (VGEF), which included renewable solutions. This past weekend, VGEF 2014 featured Nokero, Tesla, K-Light and other solar products that provided an eye-opening view into the future of energy.

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Nokero gave away solar light bulbs to attendees at this year’s Vail Global Energy Forum

In a state as environmentally conscious as Colorado, renewable energy is as important as traditional oil and gas. Solar lights make use of our abundant sunlight while offering affordable outdoor lighting options that don’t need any daily maintenance. Even in the United States, it is important to replace electricity with sustainable options wherever possible.

Between 2000 and 2010, U.S. oil and gas companies contributed one fifth of total U.S. investments in renewable energy technologies. This estimated $9 billion toward solar, wind, and biofuel technology. Although it may seem an unlikely pair, oil and gas companies have recently become interested in solar partnerships due to the understanding that not everybody may be able to afford standard energy, but everyone is entitled to energy around the world. Where oil and gas may reach certain areas, small-scale solar lights such as those made by Nokero are the perfect complement to reaching off-grid locations and helping large companies to continue to energize the world.

Jason Switzer’s blog points out:

“Developing renewable energy plays to the strengths of the oil and gas sector, which include energy market insight, technology know-how, mega-project management excellence, rock-solid credit and community engagement experience. Renewable energy investments can also earn oil and gas companies favourable political capital among climate-conscious community members and decision makers.”


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