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One week on the beach to talk about our solar lights with 2,000 people? Count us in! It turns out, however, that Sustainable Brands 2014 (#SB14sd) was not just a big networking event nor an opportunity to tell everyone to use little solar lights. Instead, it was one of the greatest learning experiences that a startup like Nokero could have engaged in. Thought leaders from around the world convened with a mutual understanding of, and love for, sustainable solutions. Nielsen told us all about how we neurologically register ideas that we connect with, Campbells Soup reminded us that food should not just be tasty but “good, delicious, and accessible.” Chipotle explained how they learned to put entertainment before their brand, and Lonesome George admitted that they don’t want to change the world but instead they want to help all of “you” (the audience, the global youth, the media) to change the world one by one. (Watch all of the full videos here.)

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 2.21.22 PMSitting in Paradise Cove, contemplating the morning’s speakers and stringing solar light bulbs up in preparation for the Beach BBQ, I realized in haste that my cell phone was dying and I would have no way of finding those who were networking somewhere on the island. In true sustainable fashion, there was no electricity on the beach nor inside the “Activation Hub” expo… a great move because it saved a lot of money and energy, but a challenge if your phone dies as fast as mine and you have coworkers to be found. Luckily, I work for a solar company.


Instead of wasting time by running around looking for coworkers or trying to find a plug and sit inside watching my phone charge, I ended up using the P102 to charge my phone in direct sunlight while sitting in the middle of the sand and continuing to string solar lights for the evening’s events. I even carried around an N222 in my bag throughout the week because it does not need to be in direct sunlight to charge a phone.

Now, I have to note that neither of these are Apple devices and therefore not certifiably compatible with iProducts; however, the P102 gave me a 27% increase in charge over approx. 30 minutes and the N222 did the same in closer to 20 minutes. Neither product was able to charge my phone up to full 100% capacity due to the size of my ‘smartphone’ battery, but for “emergency” purposes it works perfectly!*

In Nokero’s eyes, there is truly no difference between those who live off the grid and those who travel off the grid. Everyone deserves to live a sustainable life, and everybody should have access to affordable and sustainable products that can make our world a better place. When I used a solar panel on the beach to charge my cell phone, I saved 30 extra minutes of electricity. When our customers on the other side of the world use solar charging devices, they often save valuable time and incomes by avoiding a long walk into town and a high fee for charging their phones at a local charging center.


And while I have your attention, you may be wondering about the rest of our solar panels…

We use high-quality SunPower panels for our chargers and most solar lights. This guarantees that our products are heat-resistant, highly efficiently, and long lasting. Furthermore, we incorporate an automatic on-off feature on our products. If your solar panel/charger is not in direct sunlight, it will not charge the connected electronic; however, because our lights are light-sensitive, the opposite will occur. If your light is turned on but exposed to bright light, it will detect the need to conserve energy and remain off. Only if the back of the light (the black solar panel) is blocked, or if the light is in a dark area, will the light automatically turn on.

These kids in Cambodia test the automatic on/off feature by placing the light against their palms and watching it turn on:



Join us in the Nokero community and support sustainable products around the world.



*Note that charging times may differ based on cloudy conditions or the model of your cell phone.

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