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It’s a warm Friday afternoon. You’re sitting at work, and the clock hits 5:00. Your car is already packed and you head out toward your favorite camping spot. As you get there, the sun is starting to set and everyone is excited. You start putting up the tents, getting out the food, playing the music… and before you know it, it is dark and you still don’t have a fire to see by. The tents are still not completely built, the dinner is not cooked, and everyone is getting a little less excited…

WHAT IF…  you had a light that automatically came on as soon it got dark?

WHAT IF… it had different settings so that you could dim the light when it is just being used for ambiance?

WHAT IF… you had a light that could simultaneously charge your cell phone so that nobody got lost due to a phone being dead, and so your camping trip would always be remembered due to finally having pictures by both day and night?

This summer, solar camping lights are the most popular way to brighten a campsite while still enjoying the great outdoors with environmentally friendly products. The best part? By supporting solar, you are also supporting products that brighten the lives of millions of people in un-electrified regions and developing countries around the word.

Take our quiz below to find out which products would be the best items for your summer trips!

Download more information below about using Nokero solar camping lights, with pictures and ideas about using solar products with many outdoor recreational activities.

Nokero Products for Outdoor Recreation


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