Start N182      $8 USD
The Nokero N182 is the most affordable solar light bulb in the world. The small, portable solar light is Nokero’s most compact model. It provides 10 lumens of light for an average of 5 hours after 6-8 hours charging. BUY NOW
Prima N202    $17 USD
The Nokero “Prima” N202 is a sleek, portable solar light bulb that is perfect for individual task lighting. The compact solar light is Nokero’s newest model. It provides up to 25 lumens of light for 3 to 7 hours, after a full day of charging in direct sunlight. BUY NOW
Huron N222    $45 USD
The N222 is an all-in-one bright solar light and phone charging combination.The N222 provides about six hours of bright light per day and can charge most cell phones via its USB charging port. BUY NOW
Shavano N220    $25 USD
The Nokero N220 Solar Light Bulb is a very bright, solar light bulb that uses lead-free rechargeable, recyclable batteries powered by the world’s most efficient commercially-available solar panel. BUY NOW
Crestone N200    $15 USD
The Nokero N200 is the most economical solar lights on the market, striking a perfect balance between quality and affordability. The N200 is ideal for indoor and outdoor lighting, including cooking, reading,camping and emergency preparedness. In many off-grid regions, the N200 pays for itself in 15 days to 2 months by eliminating the need for expensive candles or kerosene. BUY NOW
SunRay Pro P102 Power Panel    $30
The SunRay Pro is ideal for off-grid small entrepreneurs or micro-businesses, which can use it to charge several phones in a matter of hours. It uses new technology to bring you 30% more energy than typical panels. Keep your phone charged up on the job, on the trail, or in any off-grid situation. BUY NOW
SunRay P101Power Panel    $20
Big solar power in a small package, the SunRay Power Panel is Nokero's pocket-sized solar charger. Affordable and easy to use, it reliably charges the batteries on your phone and many other electronic devices. Simply attach your device to the SunRay, place it in the sun, and charge. The SunRay is a low-cost, high quality option for any user who has a cell phone but lives, works, or plays in off-grid locations. BUY NOW
Antero Window Solar Flashlight (N400)   $10 USD
The Nokero window solar flashlight is an essential component of any emergency preparedness plan. It attaches to a window with a powerful suction cup, the solar panel facing out toward the sun, charging as it hangs. It provides up to 8 hours of runtime--and then it is recharged by the sun! BUY NOW

To discuss how Nokero can help assist with you with bringing lights into communities, please contact us by email at or call us at +1.303.991.9871 ex.1.


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