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DENVER Colo., Dec. 30, 2013 ­–The World’s Only Solar Light Bulb has, unfortunately, been counterfeited.  Nokero’s solar light bulb provides clean, safe, affordable, and efficient lighting to the 1 in 5 peoples living without electricity, but this is only possible due to Nokero’s patented and high-quality products.  Nokero must protect its patented and recognizable products as they work to end energy poverty and eliminate the un-electrified population’s use of kerosene fuels.

“Nokero has worked tirelessly to deliver patented products which are recognizable.” says Nokero’s founder, Steve Katsaros, “We want to keep a promise to the World’s energy poor that they can trust a product that looks like a light bulb that runs on solar—because Nokero protects its iconic design with patents worldwide.”

Nokero’s inventor and legal team have fought hard to protect the iconic design in an effort to bring light to those living without electricity since 2010.  Nokero has protected its line of quality products through patent lawsuits, brand protection, and quality assurance programs.  Just this past month, Nokero paired with OpSec Security, Inc. to increase brand protection and decrease global counterfeiting.

Nokero is primarily concerned with the design and utility of the light bulb being stolen by other factories in Asia, typically China.  Nokero has dealt with 30 separate patent infringement cases by companies selling counterfeits on Alibaba, DIY Trade, Made-in-China, Taobao, eBay, and at tradeshows.  For example, Alibaba was asked by the Intermediate People’s Court of Wenzhou City to cease production of the “S200” on April 9, 2013 due to infringement of the Nokero N200.

Current customers usually tip off Nokero when they see copies at tradeshows or offered online.  Due to the help of OpSec, customers can now also verify the legitimacy of their purchases at  The assistance of Shenzhen-based lawyers has been utilized to overcome cultural and linguistic obstacles when dealing with counterfeiting factories.  Nokero has also filed for patent protection in 88% of the world, and was issued two patents by the People’s Republic of China Patent Office.  Using these patents, Nokero has collected damages and fees from these infringers.

Steve Katsaros, Nokero CEO and Inventor, has practiced patent law as a Registered US Patent Agent since 2001.  Katsaros says: “With a background in patent law, I am able to work with our legal team to protect our revolutionary products through design and utility patents.”

For their efforts, Nokero received the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s ‘Patents for Humanity’ award in 2013. Going forward into the New Year, Nokero will continue to fight against energy poverty around the world, with patented products that are high quality in both design and utility.


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