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I stand in awe. How kind and helpful are the Music Giants, Linkin Park? There is a long backstory about how this happened after the break, but before I get to that, watch this video:

Last fall, Nokero made a pledge to support the United Nation’s 2012 Sustainable Energy For All initiative.  At the same time, a key-customer / partner of ours, EarthSpark International made a pledge too.  There are a lot of people supporting this initiative–some with loud voices, others without.  One of the loudest voices is the band Linkin Park.  To put things into perspective, Linkin Park has over 43 million ‘likes’ on Facebook–nokero has 10,000 times fewer ‘likes’.  Not that ‘likes’ matter in the real world, but what matters is bringing awareness, effort and resources to help the 1.3 billion people who live without electricity.

I want to thank Whitney Showler of Music for Relief for pulling all of this together.  Additional thanks go to Allison Archambault and Dan Schnitzer of EarthSpark International, Richenda Van Leeuwen of the United Nations Foundation, Andrea Sieb with Machine Shop, Ban Ki Moon for dreaming big during 2012 and designating 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.

Please pledge your support at

Thanks, Steve

The following pictures were taken at the Nokero-brightened concert by James Minchin: