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In just over two years, we’ve sold over 500,000 of our iconic solar lightbulbs to over 120 countries. Replacing dirty and dangerous “kero” (kerosene) in the developing world, Nokero solar lights and solar phone chargers are finding acceptance in the developed world as well. Nokero has seen rising demand among American adventure seekers like hikers, campers and boaters. Recent tragic natural disasters have also opened the doors to return light and power to victims of Hurricane Sandy through the use of solar. founder and leading clean tech journalist Jill Fehrenbacher was plunged into darkness along with millions of other New Yorkers by Hurricane Sandy, but wrote about being “saved” by a Nokero solar phone charger.

Out of the 10 odd solar-charging gadgets that I happen to have lying around, only one of them would generate enough charge through my window on an overcast day to charge my phone, and that device was the Nokero Pro Power Panel…Once my phone was finally charged I was able to check the news, find out that power would be out for probably at least a week, and then, subsequently, make arrangements to hightail it out of the dark, cold & desperate SoPo (“South of Power”) zone…Because of this, I’m eternally grateful to Nokero and seriously won-over by the high-quality of their products.

While Nokero continues to find fans in the US and Europe, its heart remains in the huts and cinder block homes of the poor. Steve Katsaros and Evan Husney are in Senegal, Africa this week at the Lighting Africa Conference, a gathering dedicated to bringing affordable, off-grid lighting to Africa. While governments and NGO’s around the world struggle to identify solutions to the manifold causes of poverty, Nokero is visibly proud to have sent out a half million points of light…and counting.

  • Dianne Wiley

    Congratulations to the Nokero team! I have been an avid fan of Nokero products ever since I first learned about you. As a transplanted Southern Californian now living on the East Coast, I have a personal stash of a dozen Nokero lightbulbs for those weather occasions that impact our power. I have given Nokero lightbulbs to all my family and friends at every gifting occasion. I look forward to more and more success for the Nokero product team!