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This year’s Oscar buzz has subsided, but we’d like to add an additional film to your list of “must see” movies.  On Saturday March 25th, we are pleased to announce that Lighting the Way will premier at the Washington, DC Environmental Film Festival.  Lighting the Way follows the story of a young entrepreneur, a Navajo medicine man, and an inventor as they work together to bring renewable energy technology to the 18,000 families of the Navajo Nation living off-the-grid.  That inventor just happens to be our very own Steve Katsaros!

Six months ago, in support of the United Nations and the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, Nokero made a pledge to tackle energy poverty in our own backyard.  This is our commitment:

“Energy poverty is not often considered a problem affecting the developed world, yet in truth, tens of thousands of Americans live without access to electricity. In the Navajo Nation alone, 18,000 families live off-the-grid. Forward-thinking Navajo leaders have initiated a campaign to bring renewable energy to their community, though much work remains. In support of their efforts, and the UN International Year of Sustainable Energy for All, Nokero International commits to working in partnership with Navajo tribal leaders and Eagle Energy, a sustainable energy non-profit, to provide universal access to solar energy in the Navajo Nation. Beginning today, and for as long as it takes, Nokero will direct its resources toward tackling this challenge – working with Eagle Energy and Navajo partners to build sustainable distribution systems which ensure that all people of the Navajo Nation have access to affordable, durable, high-quality solar-powered lights, mobile chargers, and other green technologies.”

 In a fifteen-minute short film, director and producer Chris Fauchere beautifully illustrates this challenge, and opens our eyes to the issue of energy poverty here in the United States.

Lighting the Way may not star George Clooney, or provide as many laughs as Bridesmaids, but on the up side, it has dialogue. Even better, in a world where global challenges often seem insurmountable, Lighting the Way provides viewers with an opportunity to participate in the solution.

If you want to get a head start, please visit and help Nokero, Eagle Energy and our Navajo colleagues bring clean, safe, and affordable energy solutions to communities living without access to electricity.

Lighting the Way will be showing as part of the Health and Environmental Film Series at 1:30pm on Sunday March 25th.  If you’re in the DC area, please join us at the Carnegie Institution for Science at 1530 P St NW.  Admission is free! You can find more information here.

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  • Don Copeland

    This is innovation at the heart. Their are also people right here in the inner cities of America that could use these amazing lights. Keep up the good work

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