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What if travel was your family’s way of life? What if travel was not for pleasure, but out of necessity? What if you knew that education would somehow improve your life, but dark nights on the road made it impossible for you to study or read?


The Kuchi farmers in Southern Afghanistan are nomadic by nature. They spend their years chasing the seasons and herding their animals, and this makes childhood education difficult

Many Kuchi people seek refuge in displacement camps as the population has decreased by 40% over the past few decades.  The hard times make it difficult for students to stay in school. Traditional gender roles make this even tougher for girls to continue their studies. As education decreases among Kuchi nomads, a solution is needed to allow children to reach their full potential.

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ChildFund International and Nokero Solar have teamed up to tackle this problem. ChildFund allows people worldwide to sponsor children in need. In this case, sponsorship money and fundraising helps children of Kuchi to focus on their studies despite nomadic lifestyles.

Through organized study groups and the assistance of solar light bulbs, 1,200 girls and 800 boys will become empowered through education, even during peak seasonal migration periods. Trained mentors will support peer-led study groups, and solar lights will allow for studies to continue even in remote areas with no electricity.


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