• Nokero Partners with Seoul Semiconductor to Create N182

    Nokero's newest solar light, the N182, uses Seoul Semiconductor's mid-power 5630C LED to maximize brightness in the world's most affordable solar light bulb.

  • iMKIRAN Distributes N200s for Disaster Relief in Philippines

    After over one month of promoting the project 'Give Them Light' for the Haiyan victims who are living in the dark, iMKIRAN was able to get 190 Nokero solar lights donated.

  • Linkin Park's Rio+20 Summit Video Illuminated by Nokero Lights

    Linkin Park perform their song, "Burn It Down," live from the 2012 Rio+Social conference.

  • Nokero N220 Solar Light Bulb Introduction Video

    Nokero's N220 solar light is one of the largest and brightest of its kind.


The Nokero N182 is the most affordable and compact solar light bulb in the world. At just $8 for both a light and a clip, it is the perfect entry level product.

Nokero, short for "No Kerosene" was founded in 2010 by inventor Steve Katsaros. Nokero provides safe solar lighting to the 1.3 billion people without access to electricity. LEARN MORE