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Looking back at when we launched Nokero, I didn’t expect to get choked up by an email.  I invent products not for the purpose of profit, the reward of an complementary email, or to make friends, rather, I invent because I love to build things–but Nokero has taught me to think differently.  If you have found your way to this blog, you probably care a lot about our work and what Nokero is chasing: the dream of worldwide elimination of kerosene lamps.

I offer an insight into what makes me tick.  Please picture yourself working 3 hard years pushing a massive ball up an infinitely tall hill and receiving the following email:

I have recently returned from a trip to Port Au Prince Haiti and I wanted to thank you and your company for providing an outstanding product at a great non-profit rate.
We purchased 4 cases of N220 Shavano Lights. We were able to distribute them to people in rural villages, refugees in tent cities, and poor families in the southern peninsula. I want to pass on one story from Pastor [], who we gave 60 lights to.
Pastor [] told me that 2 months ago there was a mother that laid her 2 children down to sleep at night and lit a small kerosene lamp. She briefly stepped out of the house to get water at the nearby well. While she was gone, the lamp fell over and burned the house down, killing the 2 small children. It was a heartbreaking tragedy, but one that will not be repeated in the homes of those who received the Nokero N220 Solar Lights. Pastor [] was so excited and told me that these lights would save families’ lives.
I can’t imagine how difficult it was to develop, market, and distribute your products. I do know it cost you many hard days of labor and much personal sacrifice, but you and your team’s investment in the lives of the poor people of this world is providing an un-measureable blessing.
Thank you so much.
Pastor JH[]
Please share your stories about Nokero.  We would love to hear them as they are our fuel for bringing about this much needed change at the base of the economic pyramid.  Best, ~Steve
  • Great story. Keep up the life saving and life improving work.

  • Elizabeth Snow

    That’s great, Steve! A good reminder to keep going.

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  • Richard Muniz

    I like the whole Social Responsibility angle, butI see this as nothing more than an upside down hung Solar powered walkway light being sold on Ebay for $2.50 each. PS. those have 25 Lumens and they last 6 hours per charge. Claiming as an inventor of something is preposterous.