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4 years, 130 countries, and more than 1 million lights later… Nokero celebrates their anniversary and continued success as a solar start-up in Colorado. In June of 2010, Nokero launched the World’s Only Solar Light Bulb (the previous N100 model), and in June of 2014 they will launch the much-anticipated new model of solar light with twice the brightness and longer run times. Stay tuned about upcoming product launches by signing up for our newsletter here, but in the meantime celebrate 4 years of solar success with the top 14 reasons to work at a solar start-up:

Chris_Del_Bosco_Jan2011Drogba in LondonIMG_1968

14. You will have the chance to sponsor a Canadian Olympic Ski Racer like Chris Del Bosco, have lunch in London with soccer star Didier Drogba, and hang out on the roof of actor/activist Ed Begley Jr.’s new LEED-Platinum home.


13. You’ll sit in a small office with 8 brilliant staff of 3 different nationalities who have collectively lived in 7 different countries (and traveled to 65!) around the world.


12. You may want to cry one day when you’re unsure if the young business will actually last and you’ve discovered copy-cat products across the web; but then, it will all be worth it when the rest of the world notices the greatness behind your ideas and suddenly you win the United States Patent & Trademark Office’s Patents for Humanity Award alongside Procter & Gamble, and you win your first lawsuit against other fraudulent products.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.28.53 PM

Click Here to Play: Nokero Factory Video

11. You’ll visit factories throughout China to make sure that your products are manufactured in a quality-controlled environment, even if it means the owner of the factory owns a little rocket-ship car and drives like an absolute maniac while blasting Michael Jackson. But you’ll make it out alive, and realize that a crazy Chinese car ride is worth it in the name of quality solar light bulbs…

10. You’ll help send 20,200 lights to the Philippines after a Super-Typhoon wipes out electricity for months.

PageLines- PureJoy_web.png

9. You may first get tricked by fake organizations such as “Lighting AfriKa” but eventually your products will be recognized among leading industry associations such as “Lighting Africa” and the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association.

8. Your lights will be used to illuminate Linkin Park’s performance for the Rio+20 summit.

cropped staff

7. You will get text messaged in the middle of the night, you will be on the phone early in the morning, you will routinely max out your email inbox capacity, and you will spend hours researching energy poverty, sustainability, solar power, kerosene lanterns, and other jargon that you never thought would be so interesting until it became the center of your world.Then you realize that these things were already the center of many peoples’ worlds, and that those people make your sleepless nights worth all the effort.

GM Fairmount Mara Safari Club

6. You will learn that lights are not just for patios, walkways, reading, and lighting up a business or medical clinic… but in the case of a taxi-without-headlights-emergency during a 40km (25mi) journey in Madagascar, solar lights can be used for just about anything. See a video of the lights on the car’s windshield wiper right here.


5. You’ll keep telling yourself “we’re almost there… we’ve almost done it,” until one day you realize that you are there and you have made ‘this whole thing’ work out pretty well actually.


4. You’ll hear stories from around the world but it won’t be until you’re stuck sitting in the back of your truck on a camping trip in the pouring rain, that you finally understand the true brightness and value in solar lights… and you’ll appreciate them even more when you end up winning every card game that night and suddenly want to keep playing until the rain stops and the sun comes up.

Amelia 12 Liberia

3. You’ll get letters like this one.

2014-01-23 18.49.15

2. You get to work in an amazing old horsebarn that now houses 60+ international development organizations in one of the sunniest states in the USA.

IMG_1795 copy

1. You will actually help change the world, and literally brighten peoples’ lives.

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  • Vow great post with really cool reasons to work solar start up. If we really want to save our planet from harms of burning of fossil fuels we have to go solar so what not start it today.

  • cherise

    I want one of these bulbs….! How can I get one???