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The rainproof Nokero solar light

Is your solar light rainproof?*

The Nokero N200 strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability, which is why we think it is the most economical all-in-one solar light available today.

At Nokero our goal is to make dependable solar lighting products that remain affordable, even to the world’s most impoverished people.

Every day a solar light operates, it saves its owner money and can help lift a family out of poverty. The initial investment  of buying an N200 pays for itself in a short period of time (days to months, depending on market forces) yet the bulb is built to last for years.

Unfortunately, some of the ultra-inexpensive solar products on the market don’t last. Cheap in all senses of the word, these lights fail within weeks, days, or even hours, because of their low-quality components or poor design.


Light quality and brightness:

Several inexpensive models of solar light simply aren’t bright enough, or don’t last long enough, to do the job of replacing kerosene lamps or candles. Nokero lamps have successfully and completely replaced kerosene, candles, and other forms of personal lights in various climates and conditions around the world, including field tests in regions as diverse as Pakistan, Mexico, Haiti, Columbia, and Kenya.

Nokero special high-tempurature, AA NiMH batteries are made to withstand conditions at the equator or atop the highest mountain

The Nokero AA battery (left) is made for high temperatures and is easy to find, inexpensive to buy, and simple to replace. The same is not true of other product's batteries (right)


Cheap models feature batteries that lose efficiency in high heat.  Hanging in the hot equatorial sun, temperatures can exceed 45°C (113° F) – the special Nokero battery can handle heat up to a scorching 55°C (131° F)  and maintain battery charging efficiency.

Battery replacement:

Some models use non-standard batteries, so they are very difficult to replace, and tools are required to access the battery compartment. Nokero’s high-quality, NiMH battery features tool-less replacement. The battery is also a commonly-used rechargeable AA-sized battery, available for about $1 US virtually anywhere in the world.


Beware of ultra-inexpensive solar light systems, which fail after only one exposure to rain or snow, and are susceptible to failure even in high humidity. Solar products need to be used outdoors, in direct sunlight – but weather can come at any time. Electronics and water don’t mix, that’s why Nokero’s products are  rainproof*.

The design of the Nokero N200

The Nokero N200 is designed with quality in mind.


Smart design:

Designers who don’t understand manufacturing techniques often make a nice-looking product, but one that is too expensive to produce. Other models aren’t ergonomic, tip over easily, or are difficult to hang and carry. The Nokero is built and shipped efficiently, shaving precious cents off its cost. Most of all, the Nokero N200 is bulb-shaped, making it instantly recognizable around the world, and a desirable item for any home.

Pivot toward the sun:

Solar panels create power much more efficiently when they can be pointed directly at the sun. The Nokero N200 can be pivoted to face the sun, making it extremely efficient.

Solar panels:

Not all solar panels are created equal. Nokero’s high-efficiency solar panels are some of the best available on the market – and they maintain their high-efficiency for 10 years or more. This high-efficiency makes our products smaller, lighter and easier to ship, sometimes as much as ½ the size of other models.

The Nokero N200 pivots toward the sun for maximum efficiency

The Nokero N200 pivots toward the sun for maximum efficiency


Strong materials:

The heat deflection temperature of many products is low – which means they will warp in the sun. The Nokero N200 has blended ABS (160 degrees C) and PC (140 degrees C) plastic designed to spend lots of time in extreme temperature – yet keep its shape.

Learn more about Nokero here.

* The Nokero N200 can withstand a rain shower, but is not waterproof and should not be submerged underwater.

  • Dear Tom,
    I am writing from Tanzania Renewable Energy Association, Tanzania.
    Please, inform us more as how the product can be brought to Tanzania? The rural community is well aware of replacing the kerosine with solar lights, but the poor products coming at most China, discourage people. What is the price of your light?

    We have a great interest of proving your light in Tanzania.

    • Tom

      Hello Mr. Matimbwi, thank you so much for your comment – we would love to speak with you about current opportunities in Tanzania, and I can assure you that our product meets the highest quality standards (as you can see from the blog). I will let you know that, because of global economic forces beyond our control, the most economical place to make our bulbs is China, and we must keep our prices low to make the bulbs affordable.

      However, our founder Steve Katsaros travels to China many times a year to ensure that our quality control is superior. China has a bad reputation, but we are very careful to make sure our products are high quality. Our warranty return rate is less than 0.05 percent.

      If you haven’t already please contact us via our dealer page or contact page, or send an email to and we will be happy to begin working with you!

      Thank you,
      Tom Boyd
      The Nokero Team

  • Nancy cerela Ouma

    I am Nancy from Nairobi, Kenya. I have had the opportunity to see k-light lantern which i really liked. But the problem is that they are very expensive. Now that i have found that your product (nokero 200) is equally good and the price is affordable, am now intrested in your product. Do you have a distributor/Supplier in Kenya?

    • Tom

      Hi Nancy, we are working to make sure our bulbs are brought to Kenya in a responsible manner, and we are very close to getting distribution there, however for now the best way is to buy them off our website and have them delivered to a safe location in Nairobi. Thanks, Tom

  • asif

    a superb device for the developing world!! commendable job

  • Michael Sinjorgo

    I would like to buy one of these bulb lights to see where and how I could promote it. How much do you charge for the light and shipping to Canada?

  • Shane Williams

    Dear Tom , I just saw your news article on cnn. I thought wow this is an amazing product that would work very well in Nepal. I have lived in Nepal off and on for almost 14 years now. My wife is Nepali, I became aware of the lack of electricity and sewage treatment after a few trips. When one stays in Nepal, there is a certain point usually at around 5 pm when the government shuts down ALL of the electricity that is supplied to Nepal with the excuse to save energy. This happens at least 2 times a day. There are alot of kerosene and candles burning, one has to stock pile candles to be able to see at night.
    When I saw this article i immediately thought of my family back in Nepal.
    It would be a great idea to get a couple thousand of these to Kathmandu and show people what they could use during the ” LOAD SHEDDING” times. I think they would sell well in the market there and once caught on they would be popular.
    Could you please tell me if there is a campaign to supply third world countries, or what we could do to get a bulk order, and how much it would cost, not to mention getting them drop shipped to Kathmandu..
    thank you for your time and consideration.
    Shane Williams

  • Can I feature your products in my blog? Sure way to promote and inspire people around the globe who were not reached out by electricity and still battling darkness and hopelessness.

    • Tom

      Hi Raymund, of course you may. Please let us know where your blog appears, and if you need media support visit our media page at

  • Preston

    Dear Tom,

    I recently came across the N200 on your site, and am interested in applying it to my everyday lifestyle inside and outside of my home. I live in Arizona, so sunlight is not a problem, but because of the intense heat we have, will the panel on the bulb withstand such harsh conditions? I am also looking to possibly use them as lights inside of my home at night by simply unplugging a lamp base, and screwing in the bulb or rigging something that would allow the light to be used for inside uses such as this. What do you think?

  • Hello thank you for this remarkable achievement. How can I be an agent for this product in my country Syria? Maltrivh the right to deal with you? And how much the price of this lamp? Thank you.

  • Redemption Ministry

    Thanks, Tom–I just ordered four NOKERO200’s.

    Always the Best, Bernie with Redemption Ministry

    P.S. Is there a source for replacement batteries here in the States?

  • tom

    hi, can i buy your really cool solarbulb in austria somewhere? best regards, tom

  • kevin


    Can you please tell me what is the power watts of N200 & N100 product ?


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  • Jim

    My N200 arrived yesterday. It would be helpful if you published a list and contact info for NGO’s and non-profits that are making these available and in what countries they operate. I and others likely would be interested in contributing to promote this light where it would really help the people.



  • Alfie Amontos

    Hey Tom, I am starting to distribute this in Cebu, Philippines. My friends Dante and Claire in Manila have introduced this to me, and I have found this very innovative for our poor friends in rural areas or even those living in slums. I am happy that this is a start of my dream to venture into social entrepreneurship. Thanks.

  • Murray Goodlett

    Very good,safe, and useful product. I’m interesting in promoting this light bulb.

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  • Jan Gabe

    Dear Tom,

    Have been using the N200 throughout the summer with excellent result. Although the less then optimal lighting conditions in the Netherlands we had enough hours of light every evening. One small issue is the collection of water/moist in the plastic bulb (component 104 in the diagram), a small hole could possibly remediate this?

    Again, wonderful and elegantly simple design and very useful.

    • Tom

      Hi Jan,
      Nokero lights are IP41 rated, meaning that they can handle rain, but should probably come inside for any kind of large rainstorm. We are working on a newer version of the bulb that will be even more rainproof, but the good news is that your existing bulb will keep working fine, so long as you unscrew the globe and dump out the water if any collects in there.
      Thanks – Tom

  • Farooq

    We are a marketing/distribution firm. We are interested in the marketing/distribution of Nokero bulbs in Pakistan. Please give your wholesale price.

  • mark

    where can i buy these products?or store location? thanks

  • Wanjiru Njuguna

    I am Wanjiru from Kenya i work with an Non governmental organization and we are in the process of piloting several solar lanterns to the rural and arid communities in the North, the project will be scalled up once we identify the lantern prefered by the communities, i would like to have your lanterns as part of the pilot project, would your company be willing to take part in this pilot? send me an email and we can discuss the opportunities. Thanks

  • Hullo Tom,
    I would like to find out how much, quantity break points, etc. to alert people of this alternative lighting ASAP as we will lose the right to incandescent bulbs in the US after this year. Thank you, Feliica

  • Vinit

    Indeed a great device.
    Solar Lanterns are indeed an amazing innovation which could benefit anyone and everyone across the world. I myself have been using a solar lamp that I purchased from NIMH Technolinks and it comes as very handy especially when I am camping. I truly believe Solar lanterns have great potential in becoming a common household item provided the awareness of this device on a worldwide basis.

  • nurul

    hi tom
    i from Malaysia, your solar light is very interesting device and the design is cute. hope, i can have it, one day. Malaysia is sunny place, and for sure it’s worth if i have one. just in case an emergency happen, then i can use it. =D

    • The Nokero products have been well received in Malaysia, thanks for your interest– Best, Stegve

  • Rotarian David tai

    I’m interested in your Nokoro solar lighting bulbs for emergency use in the event of a disaster. Wish to know your best price for stocking these solar bulbs and to be able to ship out whenever the need arises.

    Rotarian David Tai
    Rotary Club of Singapore D3310
    TRF Major Donor

  • ecvv_sandy

    solar LED products such as lawn lamp can be great

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  • Alfred Keni from Zimbabwe

    NOKERO is the way to go. let us go GREEN & CLEAN with these user friendly products

  • Alfred Keni from Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe is currently going through a very challenging phase on power generation of which if these products are availed here, many will be greatly delighted