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News of the Ebola outbreak is beginning to wind down; we no longer hear about it in our daily morning news nor in our social media feeds. However, the fact is the outbreak of the Ebola virus has crippled the health, education, and economic sectors in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Over 10,000 schools were closed affecting at least 5 million children and fifty percent of the workforce has been rendered jobless. Another fact is less than 10% of households have access to electricity. We feel access to safe, clean, renewable solar light will give people a boost as they begin to recover and restart their lives.

That’s why Nokero has joined forces with Project C.U.R.E and the UN’s Sustainable Energy for All to launch the ‘Shine Through Ebola’ campaign to deliver 500,000 solar light bulbs to individuals living in regions affected by Ebola. A gift of $10 USD will provide two Nokero solar lights to families, providing roughly ten people access to safe, clean, renewable light. Music for Relief, the non-profit founded by the band Linkin Park, has kicked off the campaign with a gift of 22,000 lights.

For approximately 90% of households, the only means of light after dark are dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lanterns. Kandeh Yumkella, the United Nation’s Secretary-General’s Special Representative and CEO for Sustainable Energy for All told us, “We believe that most patients when they are treated go home to darkness. Darkness where kids cannot read, women cannot see at night when they are going about their chores and in fact, the whole family is in darkness.”

Countless studies show that access to clean, safe light allows students to continue their studies, women to have more time to finish their chores and people to participate in income generating activities after the sun has set. And that’s just to name a few. Our Shine Through Ebola campaign will affect nearly half a million lives and we are reaching out to the public to help us #ShineThroughEbola. If you are looking to impact the lives of many by gifting light, go to And please spread light by sharing with your friends, colleagues and networks.

We can all #ShineThroughEbola.

NPR has an incredible new interactive series about what it takes for a village to be resilient after Ebola called “Life After Death”. It’s definitely a great way to learn about how people are recovering and picking back up their lives. Click here to go to the series.

Watch the video to find out more.

  • Legalizeit

    This is so wonderful! It is incredibly uplifting to find this amazing company succeeding in helping the people of Africa with their new sustainable and affordable technologies…I wish everyone could hear about Nokero. The generosity of Linken Park is absolutely mind-boggling.