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As the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office prepares to open a satellite location in Denver (Colorado), Nokero reflects on their long journey through the patent world. On Monday June 30, Nokero Founder/CEO Steve Katsaros will speak at the USPTO opening ceremony about the importance that patents have played in this patent agents’ life and why patented products deliver better solutions to the bottom of the pyramid.

Standing alongside Procter & Gamble at the Patents for Humanity Award Ceremony in 2013, it became evident that Nokero’s patent can change the world. As a winner in the “CleanTech” category, Nokero’s focus has always been on delivering the cleanest and most reliable technology possible. Where kerosene is causing pollution, “No Kerosene” is creating a movement toward a cleaner future.

Inventor and CEO, Steve Katsaros, realized early on that an LED alone is not an off-grid solution and nor is a solar panel; however, people feel empowered when they open the crisp packaging of their new energy source to find LEDs and integrated PV panels within a familiar and compact light bulb shape.


Solar light bulbs provide people with opportunity: the opportunity to have energy independence, the opportunity to save and invest money elsewhere, the opportunity to eliminate polluting fuels from our world. With the help of U.S. Patent & Trademark Office’s design patent, D633226, Nokero ‘solar light bulbs’ can guarantee originality and quality to all consumers.


When 1.3 billion people have no access to electricity and have to rely on kerosene for light, quality solutions are crucial. Over half of premature deaths associated with children under the age of 5 are caused by pneumonia from inhaling particulate matter within indoor air pollution from kerosene and other fuels. 1.3 billion people without electricity have to fear that their house may burn down from a kerosene fire, that their children will be subjected to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or that their families will not have enough money to replenish the kerosene lamp’s fuel each night.



The diagram below depicts these 1.3 billion people, broken down regionally. Nokero has distributed an alternative to kerosene—solar light bulbs—in 130 countries over 4 years, throughout each of these key regions. Throughout the next year, a series of new products will allow Nokero to help change millions of more lives worldwide with the promise that a well-designed, patented product can guarantee clean and affordable energy.


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