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SBSC- Solar BusinessAs a private company with a social mission, it is always great to see other likeminded companies. Nokero takes pride in watching the growth of fellow entrepreneurs, especially those in the solar business. Take Santa Barbara Solar Consultants, for example. They aim to provide sustainable energy and solar solutions to greater Santa Barbara County.

This year, SBSC commits to “Giving Back,” a program that donates a solar Nokero light bulb for every KW of solar energy installed by its clients. They are proving that solar is a global effort, one that will not only improve Californian homes and businesses, but can encourage investment in photovoltaic and clean energy worldwide.

SBSC feels that Nokero is the perfect partner to help them expand toward a global mission. Robby Golden, Founder and CEO, explains:  “As we continue to grow, we are committed to searching for new and innovative ideas to spread fortune and good will to our local community and other parts of the world.”

2014 will be an exciting year for both SBSC and Nokero as they work together to install KWs of solar power throughout California, and bulbs of light within un-electrified communities around the world.