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Nearly 3 months after Typhoon Haiyan initially hit the Philippines, recovery is still slow and essential.

While Nokero is no longer accepting direct donations for our personal campaign, we are still working with people around the world to provide necessary assistance in the wake of the typhoon. Last week, we were contacted by iMKIRAN and together we will launch the “Give Them Light” campaign in which two villages have been adopted and light will be provided for as many people as possible within these village– Crossing Lais and Loguingut on Panay Island. This sponsorship has also been given Capiz Vice Governor’s blessing, who will receive the solar light bulbs at the end of February.

iMKIRAN is a photography and social media platform highlighting current issues, making a difference and raising public awareness. iMKIRAN also manages projects and campaigns that help provide essential products to NGOs and people in need.

iMKIRAN is going to purchase 1,008 N200 solar light bulbs with the help of social media attention, press relations, family, and friends. Each of these lights will be donated to UNITED SIKHS to distribute through their NGO channels within the Philippines.

UNITED SIKHS has already built 8 homes in 8 weeks for their Sponsor a Home Philippines Relief Effort in their adopted village of Crossing Lais, Binuntucan, Panay Island. Soon these homes, and many others, will be provided with the gift of light from Nokero N200s.

Kiranjit Singh, Founder of iMKIRAN, explains that, “The villagers of Crossing Lais & Loguingut in Panay Island use self-made kerosene lamps from reusable bottles as their only source of light. Kerosene is very dangerous, as it can easily cause a fire, as it is also very hazardous to health, especially the innocent young children. Realizing the health impact of using kerosene, iMKIRAN came up with the brainchild of supplying solar powered light bulbs to these villagers. After an extensive survey for the best solar light bulb, it was decided that the Nokero Crestone Solar Light Bulb was the most economical solar light on the market, striking a perfect balance between quality and affordability.”

The solar light bulbs will be sent to United Sikh’s 2 adopted villages, Crossing Lais & Loguingot. Together, these villages are home to over 200 families and approximately 1200 people.  There is a church, a school, a common area, a basketball court and a number shelters in need of light.

You can purchase the Nokero N200s directly online via the website or follow the project in their facebook fan page

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