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When Hurricane Sandy hit last week, and the power in my lower Manhattan apartment went out, my first thought, as I dug around for candles and LED lamps was “Well this will be a fun little off-grid adventure!”…However, when my gadget batteries started to die one by one, the water dried up, the food in the fridge started to spoil, and contact with the outside world began to shut down, the novelty started to wear off and the reality of the situation finally began to hit me…I think I never fully realized until that moment how much of a lifeline these mobile communication devices are…

I probably have at least 10 different solar power chargers in my apartment and I brought them all out on my windowsill in a desperate attempt to try to charge my mobile devices. Out of the 10 odd solar-charging gadgets that I happen to have lying around, only one of them would generate enough charge through my window on an overcast day to charge my phone, and that device was the Nokero Pro Power Panel.

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