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Even with these dangers and adverse health consequences — and despite the cost of kerosene which can consume as much as 30 percent of a family’s income — the use of kerosene lamps is widespread. It is what enables children to continue their studies into the evenings and provides illumination for other family activities. For most people, the alternative to kerosene is darkness.

But there is a new light at the end of the tunnel. Through a partnership with Nokero, a Denver-based company whose name is short for “No Kerosene,” ChildFund has launched the “Light to Learn” initiative. Through “Light to Learn,” ChildFund and Nokero are distributing solar-powered light bulbs to millions of children in rural communities.

Today the Huffington Post ran this inspiring article by Anne Goddard, President and CEO of our NGO Partner ChildFund International. It highlights the Global Light to Learn Challenge: “Imagine a night without light; stumbling to walk, squinting to read. For many children that’s life. This is Amelia. Clean and safe solar light will help her learn.”

Take a moment to read the Huffington Post article, then if you are able…make a contribution to ChildFund and enable a child to learn with clean, safe solar light. It might be a small action for you, but for that child the effect will be anything but small.