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Steve Katsaros, CEO (Nokero) & Claire Lee, AVP Operations (SURE)

Steve Katsaros, CEO (Nokero) & Claire Lee, AVP Operations (SURE)

Today it’s not only up to non-profit organizations and government agencies to support community growth, but private businesses often stimulate community development.

Solutions Using Renewable Energy (S.U.R.E.) works in the Philippines to provide renewable energy. They found a need for light during, and after, the Super-Typhoon in November 2013, and they have stayed true to their mission of ‘sustainability’ by promising to provide light while it is needed.



Although the typhoon may no longer be on many radars, its aftermath still affects thousands of homes in the Philippines every day. Because of this, SURE works hard to provide energy solutions, even to those who cannot afford more complex renewable energy systems. SURE found that Nokero solar lights are the perfect lightweight, portable addition to any small home affected by a natural or manmade disaster where electricity is wiped out.

SURE creates renewable power solutions for clients using biogas, solar, or biomass. As the leading provider of solar PV systems in the Philippines, SURE felt a corporate responsibility to ensure their Filipino countrymen had access to power even after the complete wipeout caused by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.

SURE’s core beliefs are Power, People, Planet. As they empower the people on our planet through a successful business model, they have also developed an efficient model for ‘giving back’:

SURE’s corporate social responsibility program focuses on community involvement and environmental sustainability.

SURE, together with its employees, gives back to communities where its projects are located.

Nearly half a year after the typhoon hit, SURE knows that there are still many regions without access to power and many families still living in darkness throughout the Philippines.

IMG_2172SURE chose to invest in Nokero N200 solar light bulbs because they are the right product at the right time, in the right market. Nokero solar lights support the global renewable energy mission behind SURE and they are a unique way for corporations to invest in surrounding communities. Solar lights provide an innovative way for corporations to ‘do good’, especially during disaster relief. Furthermore, SURE knew that light was truly needed and they wanted to find a quick solution. They didn’t just need to help, they wanted to help.

In the Business Ethics Magazine and Corporate Responsibility Magazine, James Hyatt explained that companies are often wary of simply donating cash to a cause in case it ends up in the wrong hands or is mishandled. SURE solved this issue by directly purchasing necessary products instead of waiting on others to use corporate money and later address problems with un-electrified regions in the Philippines. SURE partners with Habitat for Humanity volunteers to help with some distribution, but they also utilize their own distribution channels and networks.

Rayna Aylward, executive director of the Mitsubishi Foundation discusses corporations’ involvement in disaster relief and aid: “The first impulse was to rush all the money at the outside, but timing and targeting are dependent on each situation.” At this time, it is not money that is needed in the Philippines—it is energy. SURE has found a way to provide light to thousands of homes (2,304 in fact).

Click here to download a free guide to transforming lives through solar energy, provided by the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association. 

Contact Nokero today for more information about Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships (including customizable products, special discounts, and more) or to learn how Warby Parker used solar lights to help after Hurricane Sandy.