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Where exactly does ethical fashion meet technical innovation? At the crossroads of Etkie and Nokero: two sustainable companies based in the United States of America that promote equality. Equality in energy, and equality in social empowerment.

One little, plastic, solar-powered LED is now transforming a Native American jewelry business by providing more time to work at night despite darkness across Native American Reservations.

While Nokero believes that everyone deserves equal access to energy worldwide, Etkie uses sustainable energy to increase business efficiency and promote equal access to finance and social empowerment.

Founded in 2013 by two business-savvy women, Kerry and Sydney, Etkie strives to provide higher incomes and financial independence for Native American women. Furthermore, the jewelry is not just made of beautiful beads based on Kiva microloans but each bracelet is formed from a series of stories. These stories tell Etkie customers about tribal prints, Native art and jewelry, women’s rights, fair wages, and cross-cultural communication.

Lead Designer, Dru Chackee, grew up on a reservation outside of Albuquerque (New Mexico) and learned to bead when she was 15 years old. After months of working hard to coordinate orders with Etkie Founder Sydney Alfonso in San Francisco, Dru began using a Nokero N222 to charge her cell phone and noticed how much easier cross-country communication is with a constantly charged phone. In a place as sunny yet un-electrified as New Mexican reservations, a powerful solar charger can enable businesswomen like Dru to continue changing the world and work to provide other Native artisan women with fair incomes.

Etkie Navajo Nation New Mexico Solar June 2014

Dru was thrilled to be able to charge her phone! It’s also so much more convenient for us to stay in touch with her and coordinate orders. Thank you Nokero!

– Sydney Alfonso (Founder of Etkie)

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