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Steve Katsaros has a theory: that ideas can change the world, and specifically that Coloradans’ ideas about energy will change the world.

Tomorrow kicks off the annual Colorado Energy Expo, which presents an opportunity for thousands of people to ‘discover our energy’ and learn how Colorado has made strides within the energy sector. Speaking amongst other thought leaders will be Nokero CEO, Steve Katsaros, in conversation about how ‘cleantech’ has become a global industry.

_MG_9035Before clean technology began to spread throughout the world, kerosene was often the only source of light for many homes and businesses. If you have never experienced kerosene as a source of light, you may be surprised to learn that is just barely bright enough to light a small room. While squinting to work under kerosene’s dim light, you could find yourself also squinting to block out the smoke, covering your mouth to stop coughing, and eventually getting frustrated because the light blew out.

With the onset of cleantech energy, Nokero (“No kerosene”) created the solar light bulb.  It looks like a light bulb, it acts like a light bulb… but it uses the power of our sun to provide clean, safe, affordable energy to millions of people worldwide that otherwise would have relied on kerosene. In addition to Katsaros’ light bulb, the Colorado Energy Expo features Dr. Greg Wilson, Paul Kriescher, and Rob Morgan. Wilson works with the National Center for Photovoltaics at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory; Kriescherworks with Lightly Treading, Inc. to improve energy efficiency and safety; and Morgan is the Chief Development Officer for RES Americas, where he leads power-generating projects across the world.


Register HERE for the Colorado Energy Expo, and hear what Katsaros, Wilson, Kriescher, and Morgan have to say about the future of the clean tech industry worldwide.

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