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Which lasts longer? A light bulb or a light bulb? Well it depends on what kind of light bulb. In short, a solar light bulb lasts longer than a fluorescent light bulb. Read on to find out why and to see who else has already figured this out, including a famous actor, a group of youth entrepreneurs, international NGOs and relief agencies, and a world renowned soccer star…

What do the above people have in common? They all choose to turn off electricity but keep the lights on—with Nokero solar light bulbs.

First, why did they do this?

The technological jargon:

Our solar lights use high-efficacy (lumens/watt) LEDs (light emitting diodes) to produce light, charged by rechargeable NiMH (nickel metal hyrdride) batteries. The batteries receive their power from mono-crystalline Sunpower solar cell panels with high quality and high efficiency.

The layman’s terms:

Solar light bulbs are bright, long lasting, and durable. Their lifetimes are not shortened by turning the light on and off repeatedly, but with a typical fluorescent light bulb the life will be shortened the more that you use it.

So if your light bulb doesn’t last as long from turning it on and off, but your electricity bill goes up and the environment is negatively affected by keeping the light on at all times… What do you do!?




You buy a solar light bulb.



You can also find out exactly how much energy you would save by turning off your traditional lighting fixtures, based on the type of light and the calculations here.

This Saturday from 8:30-9:30 pm local time, hundreds of people around the world will be turning off their lights and switching to solar in honor of Earth Hour. Started by a brilliant Aussie man who figured out that just one hour of energy savings could significantly improve our planet, Earth Hour is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund and encourages us all to come together for our planet.

A few months ago, a group of Tanzanian youth entrepreneurs, known as Voice Giving, figured out how impactful Nokero solar light bulbs can be and they have since taught others in Dar es Salaam to use and sell solar products. The programs have allowed people to improve their lives through both profit from the sale of products, as well as health benefits associated with switching to solar instead of using dangerous kerosene or expensive electricity.

Voice Giving is continuing to make an impact in their community every day, and this week it is for Earth Hour. They will be speaking at the Southern Sun Hotel in Dar es Salaam this Saturday evening about how invaluable solar light bulbs can be throughout Tanzania. Simultaneously, Southern Sun’s Baraza Restaurant will be hosting an “Unplugged Dinner” at which guests use solar light bulbs to light up the evening in an energy-efficient manner.

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To join Earth Hour through solar, get your lights here. If you post pictures to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and tag Nokero as well as use the hashtags #SolarCanHelp or #SolarLightBulbs with #EarthHour then you may just be our lucky winner and receive a Nokero gift bag!

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