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“Let me show you something, I’ll give you a good sound byte here,” said Katsaros as he showed off a LED bulb surrounded by a bubble of hard plastic, the same material used in car headlights.

He dropped it on concrete, then picked it up — not a scratch.

Katsaros is hoping to sell these bulbs to many of the 1.3 billion people in the developing world who use kerosene lamps, which are polluting and more expensive to use. But his company Nokero — which combines the words “no” and “kerosene” — only has 13 employees worldwide. No matter how good a product he may have, there’s just only so many his team can sell.

Now in Denver a small group of international development companies has an idea to help companies like Nokero by making the process of doing work in the developing world easier, and in the process combat global poverty. Their solution comes in the form of a long-abandoned 19th century horse barn.

PRI interviewed Steve and other future residents of this former horse barn, which is in the process of being transformed into a center for fighting global poverty. Continue reading on PRI website