Nokero can quickly bring solar power to villages and communities around the world

Here are a few of the impacts our products have:

  • Increase in household disposable income
  • Better lighting enables households to focus on income generating activities and provides users more time to work at night, thus increasing their earning potential
  • Money saved can be spent by households on various aspects like; food, health, education for their children, water, business activities, clothing, medical assistance, etc.
  • Availability of longer work hours enables households to carry out activities for betterment of the family, increasing household productivity and earning potential
  • Improved living standards and quality of life, due to higher quality lighting
  • Promotion of business activity and extra income generation, due to constant source of lighting
  • Increased daily study and reading time
  • Increased household productivity
Health & Security
  • Reduced eye irritation, burns, fire accidents and health diseases (asthma, bronchitis, lung cancer, tuberculosis, respiratory illnesses, etc.) related to burning fuels indoors
  • Reduced crime rates and increased feeling of security.  Light provides protection from robbery, victimization, snakebites, etc.

To discuss how Nokero can help assist with you with bringing lights into communities, please contact us by email at or call us at +1.303.991.9871 ex.1.

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