Social investments create value

Nokero products will improve health, productivity and education in the communities where companies operate.
The Benefit of 500,000 Nokero N200 Solar Light Bulbs:
  • 227.5 Megawatts of electricity generated per year from renewable energy source
  • 6.125 Million Hours of increased productivity per year
  • 20 Million Liters of Kerosene saved per year
  • 52,000 Tons of CO2 offset
  • Direct Savings on kerosene fuel over two years = $64,000,000 USD
  • 2.5 million lives impacted

We are happy to custom brand corporations’ solar light bulbs with their appropriate logo and color scheme.The Nokero team will also assist in the distribution of branded solar products to communities and regions where business is conducted.

To discuss how Nokero can help assist with you with bringing lights into communities, please contact us by email at or call us at +1.303.991.9871 ex.1.


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