Nokero offers discounted pricing for bulk quantity orders

Our commercial business partners can buy lights and chargers in bulk quantities at a discounted price to distribute or resell within local markets at a profit. At Nokero, we have found that this helps stimulate local economies while also spreading clean, affordable and efficient technology around the world that says “no” to kerosene but “yes” to light.

With bulk orders we offer marketing materials that will assist distributors with how to market and sell the products in their communities. We also offer personalized branding options so that companies can develop their own customer loyalty through customized products and packaging.

“Nokero’s designs utilize the best technology available and bring world-class design to people who are often overlooked by inventors and designers, the 1.6 billion people in the world who live without access to electricity…Because Nokero develops strong relationships with its partners, it is able to provide support for this important but developing market…It is this willingness to listen, to respond and to engage that sets Nokero apart from its peers.”

- Katherine Lucey, Solar Sister CEO

To discuss how Nokero can help assist with you with bringing lights into communities, please contact us by email at or call us at +1.303.991.9871 ex.1.

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