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Fuel for our work comes in small emails! Like this picture and story from Tanzania.

Just wanted you to know that the kids at Precious Orphans Children’s Home in Nshupu Village Tanzania are benefiting from the Nokero lights. All nine of our kids are now in private school and of course that means much more homework at night. Previously they were doing this by kerosene and now they no longer are exposed to the carcinogens of that fuel. They are healthy and thriving . . . our latest venture . . . we recently bought 2 + acres of land and are in the phase of fund raising so that we can build a home, school and farm buildings . . . all designed according to the principles of Permaculture . . . a very exciting challenge.

What you and your company did to inspire us was nothing short of miraculous . . . We are still benefiting from your generosity.

We’ve changed and added a little to our web site . . . . . . still on the simple (home grown) side but we do get visitors.

Hope all is well with you and the good folks at Nokero,

Please consider helping out those good folk at Precious Orphanage…..Complete the circle of giving and receiving 🙂

Best, Steve


  • Gil Williams

    Thanks for sharing this Steve . . . It means so much when people notice us, see what we are accomplishing, where we are headed and then . . . decide to make a donation. These kids really do deserve a chance.

    Gil . . .

    PS. If you want to contact me directly for more info . . . is the way to do that.

  • Meg Stafford

    The child featured has a glow that rivals that of the wattage of the bulbs. It is breathtaking. Beautiful!

  • Armand

    This is a great project. People need to be aware about the risks associated with the use of kerosene lanterns. Let me know how we can contribute. You can contact me at