Nokero’s Founder, Stephen Katsaros, was admitted to practice patent law on March 19, 2001 before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. For over 10 years, Steve has worked with IP law firms preparing, finalizing and prosecuting patents. His extensive network of colleagues stand ready to help against the threat of knockoffs and copycats in the market. This network reaches far beyond the United States, a direct result of decades working and forming relationships with international partners, lawyers and friends.

If we invented it, we do (or shortly will) own it. Furthermore, we will aggressively pursue those who infringe on our rights.

Attorney’s Inform Letter - Sincere Partners & Attorneys, Shenzhen 518026 P.R.C.

We protect our Intellectual Property rights through a mixture of Patents and trademarks. In most countries, we file via the Patent Cooperative Treatise. In some cases, we file direct with Non-PCT countries. In other cases, we rely on trademark protections. We take our rights very seriously and take pride in our accomplishments thus far.

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