Our Solar Technology

Nokero uses the world’s best solar cells, made by SunPower:

  • Mono-crystalline: Long lasting, highest quality, highest efficiency
  • Greater heat resistance

The Sunpower Maxeon cells are designed with leading edge solar technology:

  • Back contact cells (Dramatically improves efficiency)
  • Better low light performance than other mono-crystalline
  • Better spectral response
  • No light induced degradation

SunPower 125mm-wide single-crystal silicon solar cells are based on a rear-contact design that eliminates front-side metallization, maximizes the working cell area, eliminates redundant wires and makes automated production easier. Forming the junction at the rear of the cell, combined with a clever surface treatment, allows it to trap and convert much more of the available photons into mobile electrons—yielding a jump in efficiency. The cell employs several other tricks to boost efficiency, including an oxide passivation layer on the backside to deny regions for unwanted hole-electron recombination.

Learn more about the SunPower Maxeon Cells

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