Nokero (short for "No Kerosene") designs, manufactures and collectively distributes safe, affordable, and environmentally-friendly solar based technologies. Our solar lights and solar battery chargers are high-quality and low-cost, eliminating the need for harmful and polluting fuels around the world.

Nokero lights shine bright worldwide. Above are all of the countries in which our lights have been distributed since 2010.

Solar Powered Light for the “Other Billion”

Our products are designed for the 1.3 billion people without access to reliable electricity.  Today many of these people spend upwards of 30% of their daily income on kerosene based fuels to burn in makeshift lanterns and lamps.  This not only deprives families of hard earned money it poses a real and serious health hazard through the release of toxic fumes and the high occurrence of burns caused by the accidental knock over of lamps.  Through the use of our solar-based products our customers can see a ROI in six months and then have positive income flows through the decreased or discontinued use of kerosene for lighting purposes. Our solar powered light bulbs each contain a solar panel, rechargeable battery and efficient and powerful LED lights.

Solar Powering a Mobile Phone Revolution

Today in an ironic twist over half of the people on the planet without access to reliable electricity have cell phone accounts.  Those living in rural areas of developing countries typically travel miles and spend multiple dollars to charge their cell phones.  Our family of mobile phone chargers saves individuals countless hours of travel time and significant amounts of money by harnessing the power of the sun to charge cell phone batteries.  Further more the cell phone battery chargers can be used to earn supplemental income by charging other individuals cell phone batteries, for a small fee, when not charging your own.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Products

Our products are unique relative to our competition because of their ease of use, relatively low price points, charging efficiency, and use of standard batteries readily available throughout the world.   Our competitive peer group by and large uses proprietary battery technology that cannot be easily replaced and has higher price points.  The beneficiaries of our products are not our direct customers.  We distribute our products through a channel sales model to a mix of commercial distributors, non-profits, NGO’s and governments.  We are customer agnostic as long as the goal of the customer is to get our products into the hands of those that can benefit the most.