Start N182
The Nokero N182 is the most affordable solar light bulb in the world. The small, portable solar light is Nokero’s most compact model. It provides 10 lumens of light for an average of 5 hours after 6-8 hours charging. LEARN MORE
Prima N202
The Nokero “Prima” N202 is a sleek, portablesolar light bulb that is perfect for individualtask lighting. The compact solar light isNokero’s newest model. It provides up to 25lumens of light for 3 to 7 hours, after a fullday of charging in direct sunlight. LEARN MORE
Huron N222 Light and Phone Charger
The N222 is an all-in-one bright solar light and phone charging combination.The N222 provides about six hours of bright light per day and can charge most cell phones via its USB charging port. LEARN MORE